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Acrobatic Arts


Acrobatic Dance, or acro as it is commonly referred to by dancers and dance professionals, is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Acrobatic Arts is one of the largest programs which combines gymnastics and dance to create a stunningly impressive collaboration of movement, strength, and grace.




Legacy Dance Company is certified in Acrobatic Arts and pride ourselves in the technique and skills taught specifically for dancers. Our program is designed to develop the strength to perform the skills in a graceful manner rather than teaching the ‘tricks’.  We want our dancers to be able to do a skill without injury and strength and flexibility play huge roles in our success. Come check out our NEW acro class and see for yourself why this program is the BEST for dancers!

Studio Director

Legacy Schedule

Class schedule can be view on our Studio Director parent portal.  You can view your account and register for classes on-line.

Dance Classes start September 7th in Concord, NC



Our dance season runs from August to May.  We hold open registration in August, and throughout the year if spots are open in the class.  Check with the studio for available classes.  There is a non-refundable annual registration fee of $25 due at the time of registration.  Please come by the studio or contact us for registration forms.  We are located at 842 Union St. S. Concord, NC

Contact us for registration.  Summer classes and camps starting soon. 

Legacy Dance Company at South Union Shopping Center


You can now register for classes on line at :



Regular Class Rates:  as of July 1, 2018

Tuition is due on the first dance class of the month. A late fee will be applied to your account if tuition is not paid on time.

Total Hours               Monthly Tuition

30 mins                              $56

45 mins                              $63

1 hr                                    $70

1.5 hrs                               $84

2 hrs                                  $98

2.5 hrs                             $112

3 hrs                                $126

3.5 hrs                             $140

4 hrs                                $154

4.5 hrs                             $168

5 hrs                                $182

Tuition is due the first dance class of the month.


Choosing a Studio

What Every Parent Should Know About Choosing a Dance Studio

Not all dance studios are the same.

There are some important things to consider while looking for the right studio!


Our Mission is to spread the love of movement to today’s youth. Dance builds self-esteem, coordination, flexibility, strength, as well as imagination while improving their loco-motor skills. We provide a healthy and effective way of instructing dance by merging experience, the knowledge of Child development, and the knowledge of dance together; ultimately promoting and encouraging self discovery and confidence among all dancers.

Qualified Staff:

Our talented staff brings years of professional experience from the national stage to local productions and everywhere in between. We work hard to ensure that the standards of excellence is high! All staff members are highly qualified and conduct all classroom instruction with artistic excellence in mind. Our instructors have trained with some of the best in the industry such as Nancy Giles, Barry Lather, Joe Tremaine, Dee Caspery, Caroline Lewis-Jones and Justin Giles just to name a few. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Affordable Rates & Family Discounts:

Please ask for special rates for any child in the foster care system.

Families receive a 10% discount with two or more children.

Unlimited class rate


Age Appropriate Costumes, Music, and Choreography:

Since a dance studio (and their instructors), interact with your child on a long-term basis, the right studio has a lasting impact on the lives of all the young people they work with.

We take pride in being good role models for your child. We do not use suggestive costumes, music, or choreography

Legacy Dance Company is located in the South Union Street Shopping Center on S. Union Street in Concord, NC.  We would love to have you come by and see what we have to offer.




Legacy Dance Company Policies & Procedures

2017-2018 Competition Company Rules and Regulations

The first steps to becoming a successful dancer is making a solid commitment to your classes, rehearsals, and performances.  Strong technique is a key ingredient and attending class is how you develop that technique.  True progress is made when you look at each class, rehearsal, and performance as an opportunity to become a better dancer.  Please come to each class and dance full out, stretch a little further, and give your very best effort.



Attitude is EVERYTHING!  Dancers should show respect to the instructors and fellow students at all times.  Listen to each correction given by the instructor whether it is directed to you or another dancer.  A correction is an honor: it shows how much a teacher cares about your progress as a dancer.  Take advantage of your instructor’s knowledge and experience!


Non-competition students look at company members as role models, so gracious, well-mannered behavior is expected.

Dancers are allowed 2 absences per month.  If a dancer misses 3 classes in a four week span, she may be dropped down to an alternate for 30 days.  Absences can be made up only by private lessons with the instructor.  The cost for private lessons is $40 per hour.  Students may work with another company member to catch up on choreography, but this is NOT an acceptable form of attendance/make up class.  Absences due to sickness or a death in the family are excused.


All rehearsals are dedicated to choreography or “cleaning” the choreography.   A dancer that misses a rehearsal holds back the progress of the entire group.  If the teacher repeats the choreography from a previous session for those who were absent, it takes valuable time and may affect the performance.  Choreography may also be changed during the rehearsal.  If you miss a rehearsal where choreography is being taught or changed, you risk the chance of not being in that section of the dance.


Requirements:  All competition students are required to take Ballet every week. 

PeeWees – 45 min

Juniors – 1 hour

Pre-teen, Teen, Srs. – 1 hours

All PeeWees and Juniors are required to take 1 hour of acro per week.


Dress Code:

Dancers are required to wear dance clothes such as a leotard, bra top, tights, dance capri pants, booty shorts, or long dance pants.  Please bring all shoes with you for each practice.  No street clothes or baggy clothing.


For Ballet Dancers must purchase a specific color leotard based on their class.

PeeWees – light pink

Juniors – dark pink

Pre-teens, Teens, and Seniors – dark blue

Pointe – Black

All classes will wear pink tights.

Hair MUST be in a tight bun and ballet shoes (canvas or leather) must be worn to each class.

Extra Rehearsals/Production Rehearsals:

Instructors may feel the need to schedule extra rehearsals to better prepare for competition or an upcoming performance.  There will be a $5 per person/per hour charge for these classes.  This will be due at the time of the rehearsal.   We will keep this to a minimum!


Production dances are very different to choreograph than other routines because of the length and number of performers.  The production choreography will be taught during the technique class.  We will need to have several practices to put it all together and work on large sections. There will be a $10 per person charge for these classes and will be due at the time of the rehearsal.

Important Dates:


Company members will perform in several activities throughout the year.  These performances are mandatory for all company members.  (Middle/High School cheerleaders and Queens are excused — from the Christmas parade)

Concord Christmas Parade:

November 18, 2017


Meeting time and place will be announced closer to the date.


Workshops: All in house workshops are required if you are competing in that type of dance.

Showstoppers Dance Convention (required)

January 12-14th

Crown Reef

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


Cost – $230

Must be paid in full by October 15t

Showcase 2017-2018:

We will do a competition showcase as a fundraiser in late

January. This is required for all company members.


We will attend four competitions per year at an average of $60 per person/per dance.  I will give you a competition payment schedule as soon as the competition dates are released.  Students will not be entered in a competition if they have not paid their entry fees in full.

The decision to attend a competition is based on: attendance, maturity, and the readiness of each group or individual.  You will receive a schedule of the performance times for competition one week prior to each competition.  Dancers are expected to arrive at the venue with your make up and hair fixed properly.  We are striving for an overall look, and properly applied make up can make the difference.  You can put your costume on when you arrive.  You are to arrive one and a half hours before your time to dance!

Dance Captain:

One week prior to competition, I will pick a Dance Captain for each routine.  Our decision will be based on who has worked hard in class, arrived on time, had good attendance, and has had a good attitude.  The Dance Captain will be in charge of assisting us, getting everyone together and stretching at the competitions, and going to the table to receive the award for the group at the awards ceremony.  The Dance Captain will also take the trophy home with her but will return it to the studio the following week.

PLEASE remember (parents and students) that we are being judged on and off the dance floor in dressing room, restaurants, and in the audience.  Always act in a manner of which we can all be proud of.  If you do not agree with a placement or award that we receive at competition, please save the conversation for the ride home.  You would never want anyone overhearing you make a negative comment about another dancers costume, dance, or studio

All students will be asked to wear their Legacy competition jackets or t-shirts during the awards ceremony.

Costume deposits:

Janelle is making the costumes again this year.  Since our costumes are custom made, there are NO late orders.  The fabric may not be available to add on and make a costume at a later date.  Costumes MUST be paid in advance!

If a student purchases a pre-made costume for solos, duets, etc. and alterations have to be made, you will be responsible for paying for those alterations.

Because all costumes are custom made, cost may slightly differ from the estimated amount. Costume differences will either be refunded or added based on the total amount of all costumes, tights, and earrings.

Shoe requirement:

Ballet can be canvas or leather (must be pink)

Jazz each instructor has a different shoe requirement based on the dance and costume style,  These will be given soon!

Lyrical half jazz shoes Sr/teen/pre-teen/petites

PeeWee – half shoes

You will be able to order these through the studio.

Dance Jacket and Extras:

All company members will be expected to purchase a Legacy Dance Company warm up suit to wear at the parade and competitions.  We will be ordering bags, a jacket, leggings, t-shirts, and a convention dance outfit. We use the same jacket and bag each year. After your initial purchase, you will only be required to purchase the t-shirts and convention dance outfits annually unless your child has outgrown their jacket. Please play this ASAP so we can order these items and get them to you.  I will have samples and sizes for the girls to try on soon

Props: If a prop is needed for a dance, the cost will be divided among the dancers participating in that dance.  We will also need prop Dads from that dance to help load, unload, and prep the prop at Showcase, each competition and recital.

Jewelry: Matching ear rings, chokers and hair pieces are required to be purchased for each student. These will be ordered closer to performance time. We try to re-use these items from year to year so they will only need to be re-purchased if your childs items are lost or broken.

Makeup: All company members are required to wear the same shade of makeup (eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush & lipstick) to each performance. Closer to performance time, we will place an order for these items. The same makeup is used year to year so you will only need to re-purchase when you need to re-stock. You will purchase a base on your own that matches your childs skin tone.

Instructor & U-Haul Fees: If we attend a competition that is out of town and hotel rooms are required for the weekend, an instructor fee will be charged in addition to your competition fees. This is to cover the expense of the instructors hotel rooms while they are there working with your child.

A U-Haul rental fee will also be charged if transportation of props is needed for out of town competitions. This will be split between all students who participate in dances requiring props.

Fundraising:  All fundraising is voluntary and on a first come/first serve basis.  Any money you raise can be used towards your child’s account.  No fundraising money can be exchanged or refunded for cash.

Social Events:

Hair and Make up training TBA

Christmas Party TBA

End of Year Banquet  TBA


There is a mandatory $75 choreography fee due prior to us starting the dance. This will include music editing, choreography, and a practice CD.  All private lessons must be paid at the time of the lesson.  At the conclusion of the private lesson the student or parent must initial on the teacher sheet.

Solos: $40 per hour

Duets: $50 per hour split between dancers

Trio: $50 per hour split between dancers


It is very important that a dancers account be up to date.  Every month you will recieve a statement that will show payments made and reminders of items due.  If you wish to pay in two semester installments, the first payment is due September 1, and the second payment is due January 2. Tuition includes scheduled holidays, so the tuition rate is the same regardless of the number of classes in any given month.  Tuition is not pro-rated for missed classes for any reason.